Music as personal and social development

Music is the light in our soul that makes all our senses feel in harmony with nature and makes us alive every single moment we remember our existence in this world. Music gracefully wakes up our system and lets us develop brilliant thoughts and skills at our best. ABF is introducing music to the 30 schools supported by the St. Luc Fondation to let the students approach art and culture, and to grow in harmony whilst having opportunities to perform. Furthermore, because all the students come from poor economic and social backgrounds, through music they have been able to find a way to consolidate discipline, cooperation, and have moved away from the misery brought on by the grip of poverty. Music becomes an additional means for social and intellectual development, not only personal, but for entire communities.


The impact of the nuclear meltdown caused a major global reaction. People in the region suffered physically, mentally, and financially while the rest of the world panicked. Decades later, there are few who remember.

This marked the worst nuclear disaster the world had yet encountered. The years passed and, as the children of the Chernobyl region began to mature, the effects of the radiation became increasingly apparent.

By 1990, the radiation from the explosion reached epidemic proportions. The land, air and water throughout the Chernobyl ecosystem were completely contaminated and as a result the food, drinking water, and air that these children were exposed to were greatly affected. Immune systems were weakened and premature death was imminent. And yet, people are still asking how to spell Chernobyl.


Qube film is a proud sponsor of multiple charities that we believe in their causes, including Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl, Tyler Clementi, and TJ Martell

“ccoc is the only organization in the world that permanently removes children from the contaminated areas surrounding Chernobyl.”

The story of Tyler’s death became a global news story, highlighting the impact and consequences of bullying while sparking dialogue amongst parents, teachers, and students across the country. Moreover, the story linked to broader issues impacting youth and families such as LGBT inequality, safety in schools, youth in crisis, higher education support systems, and cyber-bullying.